Mantis Shrimp

Magic Gems Support

Swipe from one Gem to a neighboring Gem. To successfully swap, a new line of 3 same-colored Gems has to be created by the swapping.

A Supergem is created when you fill the boost-bar at the bottom of the screen. You fill it by making matches of Gems

There are 4 kinds of Supergems: Vertical, Horizontal, Bomb and Sun. They can be activated by swiping them freely with any of their neighbors. Vertical and Horizontal Supergems grow all Gems in the line, Bombs grow all Gems in a 3x3 area. Suns grow all Gems of a single color.

Coins can be bought as an in app purchase and can be used to buy boosts or lives in the game.

Your progress is saved on your device, but if you are connected to Facebook, your game, and your progress, can be played across multiple devices when you log in.

Logging into Facebook gives you access to many amazing features: Free lives, new levels, competing against friends, and playing across devices.

You can log into Facebook by tapping the settings icon in the top left hand corner, and then the Facebook popup window. You can also log in when trying to access Facebook only features such as asking for lives, or unlocking levels.

There are many different objectives to complete in Magic Gems. - Score levels can be completed by reaching the target score in the limited amount of moves. - Collection levels can be completed by matching a total number of required Gems. - Recipe levels can be completed by matching the required number and color of Gems in the right order. - Weakness levels are like score levels but you only gain score by matching Gems of the required colors.

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