Mantis Shrimp

Max Ammo Support

Max's weapons will overheat if you go trigger-crazy, so pace yourself when firing. There is an indicator at the bottom left of the screen that shows the weapon's temperature--once the critical temperature has been reached, your weapon will need to cool down for a few seconds and will not fire whilst cooling. Some PERKs can allow weapons to fire longer.

This is your shield! It absorbs damage, however your health bar will deplete when the shield is down. The shield regenerates if you don't take any hits for a certain amount of time.

Tap the weapon to switch to the secondary weapon if there is one. Think carefully though: depending on the circumstance, one weapon can be better than the other.

These are critical hits. Each primary weapon has a critical hit percentage that can be improved with PERKs.

You will gain XP every time you fight, even if you fail the mission. Weapons also gain their own XP when used. Weapons that have been levelled up can bear more PERKs, therefore be more effective.

PERKs (Personal Equipment Reinforcement Kits) are upgrades that you receive from fallen enemies. Each PERK has a different effect, so read their descriptions carefully; for example, some PERKs can improve your health while others can improve your weapon's heat capacity. You can get all the information about a PERK by tapping their respective icons.

Each piece of equipment can only support a certain number of PERKs, and has an install capacity bar that appears in blue above the PERKs slots. Once this bar has been filled, you will not be able to add more powerful PERKs, so try to find the best combination of PERKs. The install capacity required by a PERK is displayed on its upper left corner as a number.

There are four categories of PERKs categorized by rarity:





The map screen is where you will be able to access the story missions. From this screen you will also be able to access your contract missions on the bottom left and the raid missions on the bottom right.

You can change sectors by tapping the arrow on the upper left corner of the map. However, you will only be able to access new sectors once you have completed the old ones.

Max can equip a variety of weapons and armor to help him in battle, each of which can help you in certain circumstances. You can find information on weapons and armor in the gear room, displayed in the upper right corner. The characteristics are:


- Damage: general damage caused

- Damage efficiency (Reptors, Sauriis, and Droids): percentage of damage caused to the respective enemy. If the regular damage of a weapon is set at 100, but the damage efficiency rate is set at 95%, the weapon's damage against that particular enemy drops to 95. This of course means if the damage efficiency is higher than 100%, weapon damage is increased.

- Heat capacity: indicates how long a weapon can fire without overheating.

- Unheat capacity: indicates how long a weapon requires to cool down before firing again after overheating.

- Critical chance: indicates the chances of landing a critical hit. The higher the better!

- Critical damage: indicates the damage done by a critical hit.


- Health: indicates the total amount of health that you'll benefit from at the beginning of a mission.

- General defense: the amount of damage mitigation provided by the armor should you be hit by an enemy.

- Defense efficiency (Reptors, Sauriis, and Droids): percentage of damage reduction from hits landed by each respective enemy. If the defense efficiency rate is set higher than 100%, you will have a stronger defense against specific enemy attacks. This also means if the defense efficiency rate is lower than 100%, you will be at a defensive disadvantage.

- Shield capacity: amount of damage your shield is able to withstand before disappearing.

- Shield recharge: amount of time required by your shield to recharge.

You can earn coins, gems, raid keys, XP, and/or PERKs for successfully completing the mission. At the beginning of the game, you can have up to 5 pending missions, but you'll be able to have more at a later stage.

Each mission requires 20 minutes to decrypt, but you can speed up the process by using gems. Simply tap on the ">> x gems" icon next to the time counter at the top.

Contract missions come in three difficulties, the harder the mission, the greater the reward. If you fail a mission you leave without earning any extra loot.

The gear room is divided in three categories: primary weapons, secondary weapons and armor.

By tapping one of these categories on the left side of the screen, you will be able to swap gear and manage your PERKs. If you fail a mission, you may want to change your battle equipment configuration to better face your enemy.

Tap your equipped PERK in order to upgrade it.

A list of duplicate PERKs and Fusion Injectors will show up. Drag them to the slots on the right and tap "Fuse." If your PERK gets enough XP during the fusing process it will be more effective, use more install capacity, and possibly level up.

Raids will allow you to fight tougher enemies to get materials, coins, and higher chances of advanced PERKs. If you complete a Raid mission, you will be offered a chance to carry on to the next difficulty level. Be careful though, your health carries over between levels and if you fail you will lose all your loot collected within the Raid mission.

To perform raids, you will need raid keys that can be obtained in Contract missions, but you can also buy more if you run out.

During a mission, you can sometimes unlock a blueprint which then becomes available for purchase in the shop. Once purchased, it can be used to craft new gear. To craft these items, you will need material, coins, and time. Once a crafting has begun, you can speed up the process with gems by tapping "Finish."

Unfortunately, materials are not found in shops, so you'll have to fight to get them!

In the shop, you can purchase packs of 5 random PERKs, gear, and gems.

Gear needs to be unlocked before they become availalbe for purchase; their requirements will appear on the screen. Tap the left and right arrows to scroll through and inspect each piece of equipment before buying them.

Coins can be used to buy upgrades, fuse PERKs, and craft new gear. You can get coins by:

1. Killing enemies

2. Completing story missions

3. Completing contract missions

You will need material to craft new items in the workshop. The requirements for each blueprint will appear in the workshop.

You can get materials when completing raid missions.

Raid keys will allow you to play raid missions. You will find them by playing contract missions.

Gems can be used to accelerate timers and to buy Gear and PERKs in the shop. You can attain Gems by completing missions. You can also buy Gems in the Shop.

If you uninstall Max Ammo you will lose your game progress.

Please try to re-start the app instead.

Close the game completely and reopen it after ensuring you have the latest version.

Updating Max Ammo will ensure that you receive the new sectors, features, and technical improvements in your game.

First try to restart the App and ensure you have a stable internet connection. If the item/s are still not on your account, please contact the support team via the in app contact form

If you have any further questions or are experiencing problems with the game, please contact our support team via the in app contact form